The result is not staged or trendy but distinct, beautiful, and functional.

“I met Yasmin through our architect when we were renovating our cottage eight years ago. I could not have been more pleased. She knew completely how to tackle the project and was able to understand what I wanted and to make it happen. When we were building our chalet a couple years after we knew to go to Yasmin for inspiration and guidance. Again Yasmin brought her expertise in design to help us build the most wonderful dwelling we could have ever dreamed of. Yasmin is professional and very organized but never pretentious. She knows all the best places to source what we wanted… furniture, art, hardware, colours. She kept me inspired and on track when things got overwhelming. I completely trust her. Can’t wait for our next project!”
– Terry Yanowski, Homeowner

“It is our pleasure to recommend Yasmin Zeitler (Marion Melbourne) as an outstanding designer/ decorator. During the past year she has helped us to furnish a very contemporary house with an appropriate combination of the old and the new and has turned it into an extremely comfortable, exciting and user-friendly new home.

During our planning and building process she was able to navigate, with equal ease, between the vision of the architect, the requirements of the builder and our needs as the clients. She listened attentively to our likes and our dislikes and has, whenever she has felt it fitting, incorporated our ideas. She has also felt confident enough to argue for a divergence from our original plans and has always been able to make a convincing argument for her admittedly more coherent vision.

Yasmin has not only a wide range of contacts in lighting, hardware, textiles and furniture but also an excellent eye for colour, colour combinations and textures.She also was aware of our budget concerns and did her level best to stay real. In conclusion, Ms. Zeitler has excellent communication and planning skills and can be relied upon to follow through on every phase of the project in a timely fashion. We could not be more pleased!”
– Margaret and Norbert Pirk, Homeowners

“I highly recommend working with Yasmin for your interior design needs! We recently worked with her on a renovation of both our kitchen and master bath and it was a very smooth process with a terrific result. She has great design ideas and style but even more important she is easy to work with and listens to her customers. Working with Yasmin was an enjoyable experience and I wouldn’t hesitate to employ her services again and to recommend her to my friends and family!”
– Cindy Brooks, Homeowners

“We first met with Yasmin when we needed someone to design our living room, dining room and kitchen. She made it easy and fun for us beause she understood our needs, was very flexible, and acted as a referee when we couldn’t come to an agreement ourselves. Later, when we needed to renovate the basement, Yasmin came back and designed the media room, office and the bathroom. We’re very proud when we show off our home and it’s the result of Yasmin’s expertise and imaginative work.”
– Christopher Paulin and Kevin Perry, Homeowners

“The best way to describe how good Yasmin is at designing your space would be in the slack jaw look new visitors have when they walk into our tiny Leslieville home. Then, followed by ‘Wow. Did you guys do this?’ Full credit to the vision of Marion Melbourne. We highly recommend.”
– Courtney and Mark, Homeowners

“I had the pleasure of working with Yasmin on several projects. She is extremely knowledgeable, has a great eye for detail, is open to feedback and very easy to work with. Yasmin is an exceptional designer with great style, and the end result has always been a tremendous success. I highly recommend her for any design project and look forward to working with her again.”
– Elena Reid, Manager, Sales & Marketing, Sundial Homes Ltd.

“Yasmin is a delight to work with. I hired her initially to help with redecorating the master bedroom. She made excellent suggestions and I am very pleased with the final outcome. I am so pleased, in fact, that she is now helping redecorate other rooms in the house. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Yasmin to anyone wanting an Interior Decorator.”
– Jane Graydon, Homeowner

“What a pleasure it was to work with Yasmin! Her confidence and style helped pull together all the elements needed to make my dining room beautiful and complete. Her aesthetic sense is refined, fun and out of the box. When you think you’re going straight, Yasmin gently leads you on an unexpected creative adventure that ultimately represents my own personal style and how I want to live. The result is not staged or trendy but distinct, beautiful and functional.”
– Denise Williams, Homeowner

“I have personally worked with, and referred business to Yasmin. Her taste is impeccable, her design eye is keen and her knowledge of where to acquire just the right pieces is vast.”
– Jen Tripp, HomeLife Realty/One Ltd.